Lightning Strikes Again for Bolt

The speedy Jamaican is at it again. Usain Bolt once again broke his own record at the 100 meters, hitting a freakish time of 9.58 seconds Sunday at the Berlin World Championships. A year to the day after setting the Olympic record with a 9.69 time amidst a celebratory strut to cap it off, Bolt didn't let up this time.

Just how fast is 9.58 seconds? Well to convert it to a 40-yard-dash, he would mathematically run a 3.53 time. Given that that number doesn't show the endurance factor of a 100m sprint, but just crunching the numbers to get that time, is baffling. In comparison, the fastest 40 time ever recorded was Darrell Green's 4.02, and that was never officially verified.

At this point, you have to start to wonder, just how fast will he go? At only 22-years-old, the Kingston native has a lifetime ahead of him, and beating American rival Tyson Gay by 0.13 seconds puts Bolt surely in a league of his own. Carl Lewis set the 100m record at age 27 in 1988, and he's considered the best ever. Give Bolt five years and another chance at glory in London's 2012 Games, and there's nothing short of the sky limiting the worlds fastest man.

Lastly, what makes Bolt so great, is that he's doing it all without a taint of doping. The record was shroud in doping scandals with tracksters like Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery getting their records stripped, but Bolt has done it himself, you got to love that.

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  1. Sean Weatherby said...
    August 16, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    is "Bolt" his real name? or has he earned that nickname from his amazing speed, i wonder

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