All is not fair in sports reporting


The sports blog world was in a frenzy yesterday when a report late in the evening surfaced of a video posted apparently showing our favorite ESPN sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, nude in her hotel room. This invasion of privacy is an outrage to all who read about it. Consider this, Erin is just another individual who is someone's daughter. If you were a father how would you feel if your little girl dealt with similar circumstances. Despite her celebrity status as an attractive media personality this situation is unfairly put upon her.

The act itself of spying through a peephole is sickening. How does one have the resources and the timing to be able to set up the perfect angle to spy on someone? The nature of this incident will likely make all other female sports reporters more nervous, and more aware of their surroundings. It is a shame that these intelligent women are forced to look over their shoulders for doing what they love to do.

Erin your intellect and compassionate performance of your duties make your beauty even more attractive. I wish you continual courage and want to let you know you have the support of fans all over the country. We wish you the best on the search for the perverted criminal.


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