LA and Boston: Championship Cities of the Decade

With just one crown left of the traditional "big four" sports, the 2009 World Series, left to be won in the decade, the time has come to debate which city dominated the sports world this decade.

There have been 38 championships, here's how it all breaks down:

  1. Los Angeles-Anaheim 6 (Lakers 4, Angels 1, Ducks 1)
  2. Boston 6 (Patriots 3, Red Sox 2, Celtics 1)
  3. New York- New Jersey 4 (Devils 2, Yankees 1, Giants 1)
  4. San Antonio 3 (Spurs)
  5. Detroit 3 (Red Wings 2, Pistoms 1)
  6. Pittsburgh 3 (Steelers 2, Penguins 1)
  7. Miami 2 (Marlins, Heat)
  8. St. Louis 2 (Rams, Cardinals)
  9. Tampa Bay 2 (Buccaneers, Lightning)
  10. Arizona 1 (Diamondbacks)
  11. Baltimore 1 (Ravens)
  12. Charlotte-Raleigh 1 (Hurricanes)
  13. Chicago 1 (White Sox)
  14. Denver 1 (Avalanche)
  15. Indianapolis 1 (Colts)
  16. Philadelphia 1 (Phillies)

At the top, Boston and LA, just like old times. As seen in the 2008 NBA Finals, the Lakers and Celtics are back on top of the world restoring not only the greatest rivalry in basketball, but one of the biggest amongst America's cities. Bean Town, Hollywood, and New York have always butted heads a the trio of Sports havens, so it is fitting that those three metro areas can pride themselves with a ridiculous 16 titles in the decade.

With Boston having the Patriots, it makes you wonder what it would be like if Los Angeles had an NFL team. Would they eclipse Boston with yet another? While that is a question that will never be answered, we can look towards college football as an equalizer. Since Boston has the Pats, if we count USC as a franchise --some of you may argue that they get paid more than the Detroit Loins-- then you can bring the Los Angeles total up to 8.

Should this count? That's up for debate, but it certainly makes things interesting as Los Angeles avoided getting shut out this decade like they did in the '90s.

As for cities and metros that have been shut out, lets look at the Bay Area and Atlanta. San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have a combined six pro franchises, yet they struggled mightily, with only one team making a championship appearance, the 2002 San Francisco Giants. Atlanta on the other hand, hasn't even gotten that far.

Looking into the next decade, Pittsburgh looks like the new Boston. With Crosby winning his first Cup, and Big Ben wrapping up his second, the trend looks pretty for the Steel City. Too bad the Pirates can't be relegated to the Pacific Coast League to beef up their trophy cabinet.

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