Brett Favre Retires...Again

Less than a year since his retirement from Green Bay, Brett Favre told the Jets today that his days on the gridiron are over. This one to me however, lacks the emotion and the appeal of his last exit.

His stint went the Jets has not tainted his career, but the mere superhero-persona that surrounded him. He looked human playing the Meadowlands, and never looked like that man-boy that America grew to love in Green Bay. He came into our hearts as the smiling country boy with the gun-slinger arm, and the will to win. Last year he was grizzled and aged, and his play showed it.

Hopefully now Favre is sticking to his guns now, because I don't think we as fans can weather yet another retirement flip-flop, this time at the hands of Rex Ryan and Kellen Clemens.

Brett, at this time in your career, stick to what you do best right now, making Wrangler commercials.

Photo: Fresno Beehive


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