NFL Network: Super Bowl Marathon

My television has been tuned into the NFL Network since last night's Senior Bowl. After the game, the network started a marathon of Super Bowl highlight reels. The half hour specials detail each big game with the coaches and players mic-ed up, and provide all the gusto of NFL Films.

So far, I've seen Roger Staubach congratulate Tom Landry in Super Bowl VI, Terrell Davis overcome a painful migraine in XXXII, and Jim Fassel give a staunch pep-talk to a young Sean Payton in Super Bowl XXXV.

The perspective that the network shows is beyond intriguing, and place us viewers on the sideline. While I wasn't around for many of these Super Bowls, and didn't care for some of the others, the marathon has so far been amazing.

Clearly, the marathon was designed to amp up fans for next Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh. I must say, it is working rather well.

Right now, the Giants just scored the their only score in Super Bowl XXXV, and if you are available to tune in to the rest of the marathon, I highly suggest it.

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