The Cardinals win the Super Bowl If...

...Anquan Boldin performs as his Pro-Bowl self.
With Larry Fitzgerald(above) playing so well, he'll absorb plenty of attention from the Steelers' secondary, thus opening the door for Boldin. "Q," just like Hines Ward is overcoming a leg injury and depending on his performance will strictly depend on his fitness. If Boldin can play at a high level, he'll open up Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston over the middle and Edgrrin James in the flat, creating problems for the Steelers ' D.

It is highly likely that the Super Bowl will be Boldin's last hurrah as a Cardinal, and given his work ethic and grit, I can't see him letting his hamstring injury get in the way of glory.

...Ken Whisenhunt uses his trick plays at the exact right time.
While in Pittsburgh, Coach Whiz used trick plays throughout the playoff run to Super Bowl XL. This year, his trick plays have had just the same impact, creating critical touchdowns in two playoff games. It seems likely he'll roll the dice on Sunday, but the big question will be when.

If he can time them just right, and not let the Steelers' expect his trigger, they could provide gigantic momentum swings, just as they did in Detroit three years ago.

...Edgerrin James runs effectively, and has a 100+ yard performance.
A big day from Edge, or Tim Highway would go a loooooong way in breaking down the Steelers' defense. Although it won't be easy, they'll need to force the run early and be sure never to abandon it and become one dimensional, or else it will be a long day for Kurt Warner. Look for screens and dump passes in the flat to aid the run, and set up the pass.

...play like they've been there before.
The Steelers' have all the experience in the world on their side, for the Cards to match that, Kurt Warner and Whisenhunt will need to be role models. Spreading around expectations is key, as it allows those on the field to ease the pressure off themselves, and onto guys who have Super Bowl experience.

Should Warner be able to steal the spotlight and ease his teammates, they could have a serious chance Sunday night in Tampa.

...the stars align and hell freezes over.
Well not really, but come on. They can't actually win this...can they?

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