The Big Dance. Again.

This is probably the millionth article for tomorrow's Super Bowl game. After a while like most games, the articles seem to blend into one and only a word here or a sentence there is what anyone will remember.

Tomorrow's game will be the latest of almost a half century of big games whose pregame hype is more impacting than a hit by Troy Polamalu. After all, this is the Big Dance.

How many times has this dream date turned into disaster? A route? A sleep fest? How many times has the knock at this dream date's door turned into a pretty face greeting you with a pimple at the tip of the nose that you know wasn't there the night before? That's when I jump into a cheap tux and dance like Napoleon Dynamite for the rest of the evening. And the poor losing coach looks as dismal as Pedro.

But tomorrow I have high hopes for this dream date. Tomorrow is when black and gold may be as strong as ever or when red becomes a bold statement to those who don't figure to ever get the dream girl waiting for them at the end of the night. Anything is possible guys and tomorrow we'll see how possible things can become.

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